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Feature Queries Manager

An extension to DevTools to turn off/on the CSS within @supports queries.

How does it work?

It works by negating the feature query condition to give you the oppposite result. For example, it will turn the following feature query condition...

@supports (display: flex) { /* styles here */ }

Into the following...

@supports not ((display: flex)) { /* styles here */ }


Note: You need to install the Feature Queries Manager in your browser for this to work. Once installed, open up the "FQM" panel in devtools and toggle on/off the following styles:

1. Positive Condition

I'm #example1

2. Negative Condition

I'm #example2

3. Conjunction (and)

I'm #example3

4. Disjunction (or)

I'm #example4

More test examples....

5. Positive Condition with failure

I'm #example5